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QWhat are Ringback Tones?

Ringback Tones let you replace the standard ringing sound that a caller normally hears while they wait for you to answer your phone. Ringback Tones can be selected from audio clips of many popular songs. For postpaid customers, AT&T Ringback Tones require a $0.99 monthly subscription and each Ringback Tone is priced at $1.99. These charges will appear on your AT&T wireless bill (taxes may apply). You may cancel your subscription at any time by calling AT&T at (800) 331-0500. For new Ringback Tone subscribers, the monthly subscription fee will be added automatically to your bill after purchasing your first Ringback Tone. Pre-paid customers will be charged a one time delivery fee of $1.00 per Ringback Tone.

QAre Ringback Tones different from Ringtones?

Ringback Tones are different than Ringtones. Ringtones are what you hear from your phone when someone calls you. Ringback Tones are what your caller hears when they call your wireless phone, in place of the standard ringing sound. Ringtones are downloaded to your phone and stored within the handset. Ringback Tones are stored on the AT&T wireless network in a personal "library" that you can access and manage via your device using the AT&T Ringback Tone web app found at www.att.com/ringback. And because your Ringback Tones are stored on AT&T's servers (rather than downloaded to your handset), you can move your SIM card to another phone and your callers will still hear the Ringback Tone you have assigned for them to hear. Each Ringback Tone will have an expiration date associated with it. As a Ringback Tone's expiration date approaches, AT&T will alert you via a free text message so that you may renew the same tone or purchase a new one. Because the Ringback Tone service is provided through the AT&T wireless network, there is a monthly fee for service.

QHow do I select Ringback Tones?

Open the Ringback Tone app on your mobile device or open the Ringback Tone web site on your PC, browse the catalog, and select a title that you would like your callers to hear. (If you don't have the app on your phone, open http://rbtapp.att.com on your mobile browser, or go to http://rbt.att.com on your PC.) The app will open a new window where you can preview the Ringback Tone by clicking on the artwork associated with the track in the upper left hand corner. To purchase that track, click on the Buy button. If you have not already logged in to the Ringback Tone service, the app will display a form where you can enter your cell phone number. Enter the cell phone number where you want the Ringback Tone to play when called. This is also the cell phone number that will be billed for the service. The service will send a PIN to this cell phone via text message. Once you have received the PIN, enter it in to the second text entry field and select the Verify button. This will complete the authentication and allow you to confirm your purchase. You can continue shopping for more tones, or you can set your new Ringback Tone as the default tone or assign it to a specific caller or group of callers.

QHow do I search for a Ringback Tone?

Locate the search bar at the top of the page. Enter a search term, which can be a title, an artist, or an album name and then press the Enter key on your keyboard, or click on the magnifying glass to start the search. The Ringback Tone service will deliver the optimal results for your search.

QHow do I pay for my Ringback Tones?

After selecting the tone you want to purchase, click on the Buy button. Review and accept the terms and conditions, and the cost of the tone will appear on your monthly AT&T bill. For postpaid customers, the monthly service charge for the Ringback Tones service is $0.99 and will be on your bill just as any other feature. Pre-paid customers will be charged a one time delivery fee of $1.00 per Ringback Tone.

QCan I listen to Ringback Tones prior to purchasing?

Yes, you can preview a Ringback Tone on both the Web and HTML5 versions of the AT&T Ringback Tone apps. When you find a Tone in the catalog that you would like to preview, select that tone and the app will display a new window that includes the album art and a play button in the upper left hand corner of the window. Click on the album art to hear the Ringback Tone. If you like that tone, you can complete the purchase by clicking on the Buy button at the bottom of the preview window.

QWill Ringback Tones work if I am abroad?

Yes. When someone calls you while you are roaming on another network, even when you are out of the United States, your caller will hear the Ringback Tone that you have assigned for them to hear.

QWill Ringback Tones work while I am roaming?

Yes. When someone calls you while you are roaming on another network, even when you are out of the United States, your caller will hear the Ringback Tone that you have assigned for them to hear.

QWhy are my callers not hearing the tone that I purchased?

After purchasing a new Ringback Tone, be sure to assign the tone to your caller list using the Manage Tones link on the Ringback Tone web site or the MyRBT link on the HTML5 app. AT&T recommends that you set your first Ringback Tone as the default tone for all callers to hear. This will ensure that all of your callers will hear your new Ringback Tone when they call. Then you can further customize your Ringback Tone service by adding Ringback Tones for specific callers.

QWhen does my Ringback Tone expire?

After a Ringback Tone is purchased, it remains active on your account for 180 days. After the tone expires, it will be removed from your account. You can renew at any time to extend the expiration date. You will be notified via a free SMS message prior to expiration as a reminder to renew or purchase a new Ringback Tone.

QHow many Ringback Tones can I have in my library?

You may have up to 99 Ringback Tones in your personal library.

QIs there a limit to how many people can hear my Ringback Tones?

There are no limits to how many people can hear your Ringback Tones.

QWhat is needed to use AT&T's Ringback Tone web application?

AT&T's Ringback Tone web application will work with any device with an HTML 5 enabled web browser. This includes iPhone version 3.0 and above, Android 2.1 and above, Blackberry phones, as well as all modern PC browsers, including Firefox, I.E. 7 and above, Chrome and Safari.

QHow do I find AT&T's Ringback Tone application on my device?

If you are using an Android device, you can download the AT&T Ringback Tone app by searching for it in the Google Play store, or you can go directly to the app in the Google Play store by typing this URL into the web browser on your Android phone: rbtapp.att.com. If you are using an iPhone, type the URL into your web browser and then follow the instructions to add an icon to your iPhone so that you can quickly and easily access the AT&T Ringback Tone service.

QWhere can I use the AT&T Ringback Tone application?

You can use the AT&T Ringback Tone application anywhere that you have a network connection, either on the AT&T network, or while roaming (as long as you have a data connection), or even using WiFi.

QHow much does the AT&T Ringback Tone application cost?

The Ringback Tone application is free from Google Play and the web version of the application can be accessed for free at any time. Please note: standard data rates apply for downloading the app and managing your Ringback Tones when using the AT&T data network.